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Corporate Officers Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers

Nancy Loube
Vice President - Tax

Nancy Loube became Vice President - Tax, in July 2019. She reports to William L. Metzger, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and had previously been Assistant Vice President – Tax, having joined the Company in 2018.


Immediately prior to Brunswick, Loube was with GE Energy Financial Services, where she was Vice President of International Tax. She had joined GE in 2003.  Prior to GE, Loube had served eight years in public accounting with Ernst & Young and KPMG, as well as two years in the corporate counsel's office of USF&G Insurance.


Loube has a degree in economics and public policy from the University of Chicago, a law degree from the University of Maryland Law School, a masters in tax from Georgetown University Law Center, and a certificate in accounting from the University of Southern California.