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Our Vision OUr Vision

Brunswick will operate and lead the world’s best-known, most profitable recreation and lifestyle brands. We won’t be satisfied until we’ve redefined marine, recreation and wellness experiences for generations to come. By leveraging our expertise and passion for innovation, we’ll create the most coveted products and experiences for fun- and fitness-seekers all over the world—with the goal of helping people live life well.

What does this mean?

  • We are a global company, and in any part of the world our brands are the most recognized and powerful in their segments.
  • We are in business to make money, and our profitability defines us against the competition.
  • We are restless and relentless, and our innovative moves change industries by changing consumers’ experiences.
  • We have hard-earned, long-term industry knowledge that we combine with our excitement to make game-changing moves.
  • Our products and the experiences we provide to consumers are sought after around the world.
  • We improve and add to the quality of consumers’ lives, and that connection is what we are about.

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