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Board of Directors Board of Directors

David M. Foulkes
Chief Executive Officer
Brunswick Corporation

In January 2019, David Foulkes succeeded Mark Schwabero as Brunswick's Chief Executive Officer.  Foulkes also replaced Schwabero as a member of Brunswick's Board of Directors, and will serve for the remainder of Schwabero's term until the Company's 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Foulkes had served as President - Brunswick Marine Consumer Solutions, as well as retaining his role as Brunswick Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

In that most recent position, Foulkes had responsibility for the Brunswick Boat Group, NAUTIC-ON, Brunswick Marine Services, the Brunswick iJET Innovation Lab at the University of Illinois Research Park and Brunswick's Advanced Design Methods.

Foulkes joined Brunswick in 2007 and for ten years was head of Product Development at Mercury Marine, during which time he led the development of Mercury's line-up of market-leading outboard engines, including the recently introduced V-6 and V-8 outboard engines and advanced vessel controls, as well as the new MerCruiser gasoline and diesel inboard/sterndrive engines.

Since 2012, Foulkes also has had responsibility for Mercury Racing, and for the past five years worked closely with the Mercury Racing leadership team to significantly grow the business and introduce an unprecedented range of new high-performance Racing outboard and sterndrive products.

In his role as Brunswick CTO, Foulkes has overseen the launch of NAUTIC-ON and Brunswick's iJET Innovation Lab at the University of Illinois.  He also championed the effort to form Brunswick's joint-venture with TechNexus to develop a portfolio of investments in start-up companies, and a separate effort to introduce a new Design Thinking initiative to the Company.

Previously, Foulkes had spent 18 years with Ford Motor Company in a series of assignments of progressing responsibilities. He previously had also worked with Shell Exploration and the Ministry of Defense, both in the United Kingdom. He has a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics and a master’s degree in structural and fluid mechanics from Imperial College in London.