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Investor Relations

Creating Shareholder Value Since 1925

Brunswick has traded on the New York Stock Exchange for over 95 years. It is one of the oldest continually traded equities on the NYSE. During that time, Brunswick’s investors have supported the growth and transformation of the business that has led to the Company’s success.

At Brunswick, we are committed to delivering shareholder value. 

Latest Financial Results

Q3 2022

Quarter Ended Oct 1, 2022


Third Quarter 2022 As Adjusted Diluted EPS


Third Quarter 2022 GAAP Diluted EPS


Third Quarter 2022 Total Consolidated Revenue


Third Quarter 2022 Propulsion segment net sales


Third Quarter 2022 Parts & Accessories segment net sales


Third Quarter 2022 Boat segment net sales

For complete information regarding our financials, see our periodic filings

Latest Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2021 Brunswick Sustainability Report

2021 Global Revenue by Region % $5,846M
Full year ending Dec 31, 2021
Propulsion Net Sales
in Billions

(Excludes marine eliminations)

Parts & Accessories Net Sales
in Billions

(Excludes marine eliminations)

Boat Segment Net Sales
in Billions

Source: 10-K - FY 2021

Unlocking the Value of Our Diverse Brand Portfolio

At Brunswick, we are committed to delivering the best products to our customers and the industries in which we serve by unlocking the value in our diverse portfolio of businesses.

Brunswick’s Integrated Marine Platform Forms a Unique Value Creation Engine


Leading portfolio of products and brands serving OEMs and the aftermarket


Better experiences attracting new participants and creating repeat purchases


Market leader with each engine creating a 20-year P&A annuity


Leading portfolio of iconic brands leveraging Brunswick’s marine strength

Defining the Marine Market

Today, Brunswick is a market leader in the recreational marine industry, providing both innovation and inspiration on the water. We’ve been in the marine industry since 1960, all the time developing unmatched capabilities to extend our market leadership and define the future of boating.

Marine Engines

With world-class brands such as Mercury Marine, we are the leader in recreational marine propulsion systems, providing exceptional products and services  and delivering operating and quality excellence. One out of every two powerboats is powered by a Mercury Marine engine.

Parts & Accessories

With the most extensive product portfolio and distribution channels in the industry, our Parts and Accessories businesses features leadership positions in products, integrated technologies and trusted brands serving OEMs and the aftermarket industry.  Our unique and expanding integration capability is a clear point of differentiation driving quality and customer satisfaction. 

Boat Group: Brunswick Boat Brands

We are the largest manufacturer of recreational boats, with the industry’s most recognizable brands, including 3 of the top 4 most recognized U.S. boat brands.

Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration, Brunswick’s newest business division, offers a leading portfolio of service businesses aimed at getting more people on the water to enjoy an exceptional experience.

Authentic Leadership

The Industry's

  • Most Advanced Innovation Capabilities
  • Leading Portfolio of Service Businesses


  • Largest Marine Parts & Accessories Portfolio
  • Leader in Marine Propulsion Systems
  • Largest Manufacturer of Recreational Boats with the Most Recognized Boat Brands
1 out of every two boats is powered by Mercury
126 patents awarded in 2018
3 of the top 4 most recognized U.S. boat brands