Princecraft's Marcel Dubois to Retire; Donald Dubois Named New President

PRINCEVILLE, Quebec, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Princecraft Boats, a unit of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), today announced that President Marcel Dubois will retire from Princecraft after more than 25 years with the company. Effective immediately, he is succeeded by Donald Dubois (no relation), who has assumed operating responsibilities during the last few months at Princecraft, a leading Canadian boat maker.

Donald Dubois is a native of Quebec City, and has an MBA from Laval University there. He brought with him to Princecraft a wealth of experience, including more than 10 years with General Electric's Canadian subsidiary, where he was most recently vice president of sales.

"Princecraft's reputation for quality products and service will only grow under Donald's leadership and guidance, as both he and Marcel have been working side-by-side over these past few months to ensure continuity and a proper transition for the business," explained Jeffrey Kinsey, president of Brunswick's Freshwater Group, of which Princecraft is a part. "Donald has increasingly taken on more responsibilities, has gotten to know our dealers and has embraced Princecraft's principles of operation."

Marcel Dubois Leaves His Mark

"Marcel has seen many changes in his long career in the marine industry, and is recognized for his honesty, passion and dedication to the business," said Dustan E. McCoy, chairman and chief executive officer of Brunswick. "Marcel brought many new innovations in the design and performance of aluminum boats and leaves with an impressive track record of successes for Princecraft. He is the consummate successful business person, who knows how to compete, win and earn profits."

Marcel Dubois came to Princecraft in the early 1980s, when he was dispatched by then owner Alcan Aluminum to help during a slowdown in the marine industry. In 1985, he and Princecraft's production manager at the time, Jacques Daneault, bought Princecraft from Alcan. The pair would later sell the company to Outboard Marine Corporation in 1990. Dubois and Daneault again bought back the company in 2001, and then shortly thereafter, sold the business to Brunswick.

"Marcel tracked down my home phone number and gave me a call, suggesting that Brunswick buy Princecraft," explained McCoy. "It was the start of a great business partnership and a close friendship."

"Marcel Dubois will continue to be involved with Princecraft on a part- time basis during the next few months, until his retirement from the company at the end of November," McCoy said.

"The pair has been working together for some time toward this transition," McCoy explained. "Donald Dubois has distinguished himself at Princecraft and ably assumes these responsibilities. As we finalize the leadership transition from Marcel to Donald, we wish to extend our appreciation to them both for their continued contribution to Princecraft."

About Princecraft

Princecraft, a Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) company, manufactures a leading line of aluminum fishing boats, pontoons and deck boats at its Princeville, Quebec, facilities. Princecraft has been building boats since 1954.

SOURCE Princecraft Boats; Brunswick Corporation