Brunswick Executes Inaugural ‘All Blue Planet Month’ Initiative – Welcoming First-Time Boaters on the Water Globally

METTAWA, Ill. – October 24, 2022 – Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) recently completed its inaugural All Blue Planet Month, an initiative to increase access to water to underserved populations as part of the Company’s overall sustainability strategy. Over several weeks, 16 Freedom Boat Club locations across the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain participated in the initiative. In total, the Clubs partnered with 23 local community groups supporting underserved populations to organize on-water outings for many first-time boaters.

“Making boating accessible for everyone is not just something that we aspire to do – it is a core tenant of our business,” said Brenna Preisser, Executive Vice President and President Business Acceleration, Chief Strategy Officer, Brunswick Corporation. “Having the opportunity to enable and inspire participation on the water especially with those who haven’t had access is something we are passionate about and inspires our work.”

Brunswick’s ‘All Blue Planet’ initiative was launched to promote the restorative power of the water, which has been scientifically proven as a source of cognitive and mental well-being. By partnering with Freedom’s dedicated network of Club owners and groups, such as the Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, local veteran support groups and many others, hundreds of participants were able to experience the positive impacts of being on the water.

“After hosting two outings for the local Boys & Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America chapters, it was undoubtedly apparent that all the participants were able to benefit from the power of the water,” said Captain Tim Wordell, Freedom Boat Club of Rhode Island. “It was an incredible experience to watch the children light up and be overcome with an overwhelming sense of comfort and peace on the water. We look forward to hosting many more events like this in the future to share what we love most – being on the water.”

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a day on the lake – it was an experience we will all remember and never would have been able to do without Freedom’s generosity. It was a tremendous blessing for all and we are truly grateful,” said Deanna Smith, Opportunity Village Resident Manager, The Tribble Center.

All Blue Planet Month represents one of many activations the Company is executing to increase access to water. To learn more about Brunswick’s All Blue Planet initiative, visit