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The Ripl Effect

A single insight from you could rock the entire boating industry.

Real People can unlock tomorrow’s innovations.

Real People can unlock tomorrow’s innovations.

The Ripl Consumer Advisory Board is made up of boat owners like you to help Brunswick understand how we can transform boating experiences everywhere.

Brunswick Corporation is home to some of the world’s leading marine brands, and our divisions specialize in every aspect of the boating lifestyle.

That means your insights can ripple across our organization and throughout the industry to make boating even better for all.

Why Join Ripl?

Be First

Get exclusive information and access to products, trends, and launch events

Be Heard

Respond to surveys used by top experts and innovators to improve the industry

Get Connected

Find meetups, events, and community projects where you live or travel

Get Rewarded

Earn swag, member-only invites, and discounts on products and trainings

Ready to make waves?

"Together we will define and shape the future of recreational boating. We look forward to your many contributions as members of the Ripl Consumer Advisory Board."

- Lauren Beckstedt CMO, Brunswick Divisions