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Ripl Hub

Ripl Hub: Where Boaters Meet Other Boaters

Ripl Hub: Where Boaters Meet Other Boaters

The Ripl Hub is a shared digital space for you and your fellow Ripl members. Start conversations, explore expert-created boater content and get responses to your most pressing questions that only real people can provide. The more you engage, the more opportunities there are to gain new knowledge, meet other boaters and ignite your passion.

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Why Join the Ripl Hub

Become a Better Boater
Find other boaters with similar interests, styles, and experience levels. Ask questions, get advice, make new friends and share whatever’s on your mind related to your love of boating.
Access Fun Content
Read our blog for helpful tips and tricks developed by experts, plus engage with member created conversations in the community chats section.
IRL & Virtual Experiences
Get previews and recaps of Ripl Events happening both online and in person.

"Together we will define and shape the future of recreational boating. We look forward to welcoming you to Ripl, the insider community for all boaters and boating enthusiasts."

- Lauren Beckstedt Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer