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Community OverviewCommunity Overview

At Brunswick Corporation, we recognize that our long-term success depends on our ability to manage our operations responsibly and efficiently, as well as support the communities in which our employees live and work.

We are committed to providing healthy work environments for our employees and healthy communities for their families by participating in a variety of conservation projects. We are also committed to our dealers and customers by participating in a number of industry-wide initiatives.

Throughout our organization, there are a variety of formal and informal programs designed to support local, regional, national and international issues and interests. Our efforts in community and industry initiatives are many. Detailed below are just a few of our resolutions.

Brunswick Safety Award. In recognition of facilities annual safety performance, Brunswick awards each winning facility $10,000 with which employees can donate to the charity of their choice.

Industry Initiatives. Employees throughout our company participate in a variety of initiatives designed to better the industries in which we participate. Boating safety, boater education, boat and yacht industry standards.

Brand-Level Efforts. Many of our brands support the local communities in which they are located. These efforts range from sponsoring community events to supporting individual employees.