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All Blue Planet

Brunswick believes everyone deserves access to water and the benefits it offers to overall wellbeing. That’s why our program, All Blue Planet, has a mission to share the restorative power of water to all by educating about the rejuvenating benefits of water, preserving our water ecosystem and expanding access to water through direct efforts and partnerships with community groups.

As a global leader in marine recreation, we and our partners are uniquely positioned to engage communities on the cognitive and emotional benefits of time on, in and around the water.

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All Blue Planet aims to educate people on the emotional and physical benefits of water and encourage them to incorporate water into their lives for increased overall wellbeing.

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Preserving Access

All Blue Planet is dedicated to reducing barriers and expanding access to the water for all while preserving the water ecosystem for future generations.

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Community Partnerships

By partnering with community groups, we expand our reach and directly connect with a broader and more diverse group of people in our efforts to bring the restorative power of water to all.

Hear from the Team

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Author of “Blue Mind,” Marine Biologist, Human - Water connection researcher

All Blue Planet Leadership

Brenna Preisser, Chioma Aladi, Cheri Radovancevic, Paul Siebert

How can we help you get on the water?

We offer opportunities for non-profits to provide enriching and restorative experiences to those they serve through our Freedom Boat Club locations. Contact us to learn more about opportunities to get you on the water.

“The Ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

- Robert Wyland

Our Collaborators

We Wish You Water