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A global initiative for ALL to share in the restorative power of water.

Water is Life

Expanding access to water is essential and an opportunity for healthy living.
It is our belief that connection to the water is critical for fostering sustainable communities.

As the global leader in recreational marine, we and our partners are uniquely positioned to engage communities on the cognitive and emotional benefits of time on, in and around water.

Hear from the Team

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Author of “Blue Mind,” Marine Biologist, Human - Water connection researcher

All Blue Planet Leadership

Brenna Preisser, Chioma Aladi, Cheri Radovancevic, Paul Siebert

Our Aspiration

Inspire a movement for ALL to enjoy the restorative power of water. With our All Blue Planet partners, we will expand opportunities for a broader community to experience the water in
ALL its forms.

Join Us!

To become part of the movement, you can start by taking this pledge. The pledge is your personal commitment to incorporate water in your daily life – whether through boating, swimming, fishing or listening to the sound of the waves.

Our Collaborators

Partner with Us

Brunswick is committed to sharing the life-changing benefits of water – but we can’t do it alone.

We’re looking for organizations to partner with us in this movement to increase access to the water and provide more opportunities for our communities to experience its restorative power.

We Wish You Water

How can we help you get on the water?