At Brunswick, we are committed to quality in our people and our products. We work hard every day to earn a stellar reputation by ensuring integrity anchors all of our actions. We do that all while being mindful of the responsibilities we have to our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, partners, communities and each other.

To ensure our employees understand the key elements of our strong ethical culture, the Brunswick Ethics Program actively promotes our Integrity Playbook. Brunswick’s Integrity Playbook builds on the key elements that have laid the foundation of our Program, while also introducing new concepts that ensure every employee understands how to put ethics into action and uphold our Brunswick Connection. The Brunswick Connection is our commitment to each other, and all of our stakeholders, to always act with integrity and do business the right way, the only way. By upholding the Brunswick Connection, we set each team member up for success to achieving sustainable business outcomes while maintaining our strong ethical reputation.

We have translated the Integrity Playbook into several languages, which can be found below.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Brunswick Ethics Office.
Brunswick Corporation Ethics Office
26125 N. Riverwoods Blvd., Suite 500
Mettawa, IL 60045
P 847.735.4318