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Operating Sustainably

Operating Sustainably

With dozens of manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world, efforts to improve sustainable business operations can really add up. With our Next Never Rests attitude, our teams look for opportunities to operate more sustainably by reducing use of energy and wastes sent to landfill.

Energy efficiency initiatives and reduction of energy usage in operations

We have committed to reducing our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions 30% by end of year 2025 through a combination of upgrades to more efficient technology, energy reduction efforts and using renewable energy.

Support for renewable energy

To date, Brunswick has on-site solar arrays at 5 of its facilities with more to follow and have invested in virtual power purchase agreements to support community solar projects. We have targeted 60% of our electricity coming from renewable sources by 2025.

Reducing and diverting waste sent to landfills through recycling

Land is a valuable and limited natural resource. We strive to reduce waste in supply chain and our operations through waste reduction, reusable packaging and recycling of wastes from operations. As of 2022, 12 facilities operate at a zero waste to landfill level with 90% landfill diversion.

Adoption of electric vehicles

Brunswick has already begun the transition to electric vehicles for company cars and will continue to expand electric vehicles across our fleet. We will also introduce Mercury Marine's Avator electric engine into our Freedom Boat Club fleet over time.